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Mat shoots documentary style images of rad places and beautiful faces, often focusing on the wider aspects of the lifestyle that goes hand-in-hand with a love of the sea. Based on the rugged north coast of Cornwall, UK, he is the founder of content marketing studio Hailer Media and also works freelance for a range of international clients and print and digital publications. His work has been exhibited both in the UK and internationally.

Mat’s photography and stories have appeared in The Guardian Newspaper, The Sunday Times Travel Magazine, The Surfer’s Journal, The Surfer’s Path, Monster Children, Coast Magazine, Wavelength, Elle Deco, Food Magazine, Ernest Journal, Approaching Lines, MTV UK,,, Drift Digital, The Inertia and

Clients for commercial commissions include Nokia, Cloudy Bay Wines, Mission PR, Patagonia Covent Garden and Hog Island Oyster Co. 

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