Trials and Tribulations

Posted on April 20, 2015

Man, machine, and a whole lot of mud.  Whether the challenge is to coax a vintage car non-stop up a series of muddy hill stages, or manoeuvre a motorbike over boulders and through rivers without putting a foot down, trials events require great technical skill, mechanical know-how, and an intimate connection between a vehicle and the person controlling it.  I’ve attended a couple of trials events over the past couple of months, carrying a couple of old cameras (one 35mm SLR and a 120mm TLR) loaded with black and white film with the intention of shooting some of the more interesting (read: old) vehicles that I spotted.  I got the roll of 35mm back from the lab a little over a week ago, and wanted to share a selection from my winter wading around the woods in gum boots following the noise of engines.

morgan roadster parked at mcc lands end trial

vintage roadster at the mcc lands end trial

vintage trials car at mcc lands end trial

vintage mg driving over fingle bridge on dartmoor

saab 96 at the mcc lands end trial

vintage yamaha ty175 at motorcycle trials event

trials rider riding up out of stream on yamaha ty175

motorcyclist doing a wheelie along a ridge on a vintage yamaha ty175

vintage custom trials motorbike leaning against land rover 110 defender


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