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Posted on September 13, 2015


I have an apology to make to those of you who are dedicated readers of this blog, because over the past couple of months the regularity of my posts (which for over five years went out almost every Sunday) has wobbled somewhat.  The reason is that for a little over a year now I have been transforming the way that I work and building a business beyond my freelance work, and for the past nine months or so this project has often taken precedence – resulting in the frequency of my postings to An Tor Orth An Mor becoming a little erratic.  So, without further ado, let me introduce you all to Hailer; you can hold Hailer entirely responsible for the disruption to your Sunday evening browsing.

hailer logo overlaid on photo of pentire point on a summer evening with a man stood on a rock in the sea

Hailer is a difficult entity for me to label easily, but it is essentially in the business of storytelling.  You could pin such labels as “content marketing studio”, “digital marketing agency” or “brand growth consultancy” on it, and all are equally valid definitions and yet each one on its own doesn’t adequately describe what Hailer does.  What Hailer does is craft the stories and imagery that define brands, grow followings and improve performance.  If you’re interested in a more concise explanation and taking a look at the various client case studies then please head over and check out www.hailer.media, otherwise I’ll just be repeating myself in this post.

beach camp fire next to bare feet

The development of Hailer isn’t the death knell for An Tor Orth An Mor, just a separation of my personal and freelance photographic work from the content that I produce regularly for a number of brands and businesses.  I intend to return to producing regular posts for this blog and am developing a new home for it (watch this space), whilst Hailer’s “notebook” blog will feature syndicated client work and news.  If you like what you see on the website then may I suggest you give Hailer a follow on your social media platform of choice (instagram, facebook or twitter) so that you can keep getting more of the same.
Here’s just a tiny taster…
birds-eye view of two sea kayakers paddling across crystal clear turquoise waters on a trip with cornish rock tors
Sharing adventures on the Cornish Coast with Cornish Rock Tors
morris minor with otter wooden surfboards on roof driving over brow of hill in sand dunes
Ongoing brand management and development for wooden surfboard makers Otter Surfboards
surfer performing a back hand foam climb on a french beach break
 Building an online surf magazine with an international following for Surf Simply


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